What I Do

Simply said, I am an online business coach. I mentor others in starting their own successful online business, promoting health and sustainability through selling kangen water machines. I make awesome commissions out of the sales and I can work wherever and whenever I want. You can too!

Why I Do It

I have a lot of interests, passions and about 1001 ideas a week. This always resulted in not doing any of them as I couldn’t choose what to do. I often stopped things halfway through and started something else that I totally loved at that moment.


I have several diplomas; Animal Care, Interior Design and Plant Based Nutrition, which has led me to a lot of different jobs and internships. This is why I also did a lot of different internships and I’ve had several jobs. To tell you the truth, I basically hated all of them. I know that hate is a strong word, but that is how I felt it. Even though the job itself was nice, what I hated is that I always felt stuck and trapped and it made me deeply unhappy.


Since 2013 I’m working as a nanny (my main income) and since 2016 also as a blogger. This combination is something

I am able to do happily, but I still feel locked up. Since forever I dreamed of travelling the world, whilst living in a van and I made this dream come true! I’ve been living in a van since June 2018 now and soon I will travel the world fulltime.


Traveling the world in my van is my way out, my way to freedom! In order to do this I needed a plan - I want to travel the world full-time and forever and never go back to a normal job! I only want to do what I want to do! We all deserve that! I made several plans, but all of them gave me a little bit of anxiety. What if it doesn’t work? What if there will be a time where I do not make enough money anymore and have to get a normal job again? I also always felt that there was

a better solution, I just didn’t know what it was though. Then this amazing opportunity came to me..


I truly belief that I attracted this job as an online business coach. It came to me exactly at the right time and I’m convinced that it came to me because I believed that there was a solution, to be and feel totally free.

I unknowingly manifested this! I feel so grateful that it came to me and I’m so excited to do this. I can’t even

begin to tell you how much this job resonates with me. I love everything about it!


I’m able to help people to make their dreams come true and all this by providing something that is good for our bodies and for the planet. I can do this by myself, from anywhere in the world and I'm meeting the most awesome

like-minded people. It’s the perfect combination. Now I feel truly FREE!

Can This Be For You Too?

I’m all about honesty and that is why I will tell you that this is not for everyone. Some people would rather go to their job every day and love it and feel fulfilled that way. That is totally fine of course and I’m super happy for them. But if you read this far, there is a good possibility that this is for you too! To find out, I have a few questions for you:


> Do you ever think about quitting your (9-5) job?

> Do you ever think about starting your own business?
> Do you want to work whenever you want to and on your own terms?
> Do you desire more time and money to pursue your passions?
> Do you love traveling?

> Do you love self development?
> Do you like to connect with like-minded people around the world?
> Do you want to help people?
> Do you want to nourish your body with the best water available?
> Do you want to make dreams, including your own, come true?
> Do you feel passionate about health and sustainability?
> Do you want to make the world a better place?
> Do you have a laptop and/or smartphone?

> Do you want to be and feel free?


How many times did you say YES? If you answered YES to all or most of these questions, then this opportunity is most probably for you too! Feel free to further explore my website and/or if you have questions, feel free to contact me. You

can do this by sending me a message via the CONTACT page, by clicking the yellow button below or send me a message

in the chatbox (lower right), any time!