The Investment

When I learned about the Breakaway Movement and Enagic I was excited straight away! The moment that I heard that I had to make an investment to start though, I was like: nope!! I assumed it was an MLM/Pyramide company and I did not want to be that annoying sales person on Instagram. No way!


But then I started to think.. the girl who told me about it (and I was the one asking her!) was not annoying at all and I knew her for a lot of years already. So, I decided to learn a little bit more. I asked her a 1001 questions (so, don't be sorry if you have that many questions, because I know exactly how you feel) and I decided to join the BAM platform and Facebook group. Just to orientate.

I watched lots of videos, read lots of information, did a few (free) BAM courses and talked to people who were already doing the business. The more I learned, the more I understood that this was actually the most amazing opportunity. It was not only exactly what I needed, it was also something that I would loved to do.

I'm an extreme introvert and having a job has always been a big deal for me throughout my life. But this job meant that I was going to be my own boss. I would be able to work alone, whilst also being in contact with the most awesome people. I would help people and the environment and all of this whenever and wherever. It was a dream come true. It was basically a job made for me!

Then I realised that this job opportunity came to me because I had manifested it. I was trying to think of a way to make enough money on the road for quite a while, for when I started to travel full-time. I had some ideas, but I always longed to something better, something more effective. It was something I was very aware of, but unaware that I was manifesting this. When I realised how much sense it all made, I stopped doubting and made a plan to invest.


I invested in a Trifecta. This means that I purchased 3 products of Enagic. Because, apart from their flagship K8 water machine, they also offer the Anespa (this machine makes it possible to also shower/bath in the most amazing water) and Ukon (the best turmeric capsules available).

I got all 3 and when you do this, you already get 2 sales points and 2 commission. From your own sales! Because you are basically selling 2 products to yourself. Isn't that amazing? The Trifecta (or the Quad!) also has a lot of other benefits, but I'll write about that in another blog post soon.


Another reason why I was happy to make the investment, is that Enagic's compensation plan is so good, that with only a few sales, you already earned back your own investment.

When you want to start your own business, you most probably need to make an investment. Think about starting a cafe, a shop or a yoga studio for example. The investment you make with Enagic is only a fraction of what you will need when starting most businesses. Only Enagic comes with 37647 benefits! You can watch the 'Compensation Plan' video HERE.


Was I scared to make the investment? Maybe a little, in a way. The money that I invested was also money that I was able to keep and live off on the road, for quite a long time. But when that money would be finished, it would be finished. I would have to set something up in the meantime, to keep money coming in, if I really wanted to travel forever. The day that Enagic took the money from my back account I did have to take a deep breath. BUT! When I realistically thought about it all, I was actually not scared at all, not even a bit!

The universe presented me with this opportunity, I felt super confident about it and I just loved everything about it. When I realised all these things, all my anxious feelings disappeared. Instead of those anxious feelings, I felt the opposite and I still do!


I feel so strong, motivated and excited!! When I look back at my life (so far) and especially looking at the last few years, I can see how the universe was preparing me for this all this time: I decided to follow my dream (traveling the world in a van and be free), I read the right books, certain things did or didn't work out, I'm in the perfect situation, I made the right choices, I met the right people and I love and accept myself more than ever. I feel so so lucky, even though I know this is not a coincidence. This is my life and I made it like this. You can do the same!

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