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Updated: Aug 24, 2022

To start with myself.. I’ve been practicing yoga for years and years now, on and off. I started, because I wanted to be more in tune with my mind, my spirit and my body. Create a better connection between them and feel GOOD! For a long time I was way too focussed on doing it right though, the perfectionist I am. I felt more spiritual.. I thought.. and yes, even though it made me feel quite good, it didn’t come near the feeling I have when I do yoga now. Instead of doing it ‘right’, I actually focus on this connection and on my breath, instead of doing it perfect.

This concept (just doing things for the sake of it) is something what I see a lot lately, with a lot of ‘spiritual things’. So many people who are doing things, because they think it makes them more spiritual. Don’t get me wrong, I actually love seeing people try and I love that it can make people feel better (even if it’s just a start), but those people also often completely miss the point, like I did with yoga. Which I will explain in a bit.

There is also another side, which I find very interesting. I see a lot of people using spirituality to feed their ego, to make a lot of money through selling positivity and as an excuse to keep being dependent on others.

People inspire each other, which is absolutely amazing. I want to encourage this, because this is how we can change the world for the better. Something you have to be careful with though is copying another person to get their result. This is what I see a lot and this is what I did myself practicing yoga for example. I wasn’t listening to me, I was looking at the other people and doing that, expecting to feel their magic. It didn’t work, because it was their magic, not mine. My magic only came when I started to listen to ME! It was a good lesson, because when I start something now, I tune in with myself first. A good example for me is Oracle Cards. I always felt a little intrigued, but I didn’t want to do it without really feeling it, so I didn’t come near Oracle Cards for a long time, until I felt ready, if I can say it like this. Now I absolutely love them, because I feel I’m in tune with them; I don't feel like I'm pretending. I love helping people by pulling a card for them and to coach them towards some questions and new insights.

Every Monday it’s ’Manifestation Monday’ on my Instagram account and I pull 3 cards, where you can choose from. Every now and then I also pul a card for someone privately and this is what I would love to do more. I added this new service to my website, which you can find when you CLICK HERE. When you feel like you can use a bit more guidance and/or focus, don’t hesitate sending me a message. I’m happy to help you; guiding you in a more personal way, for you to gain more focus on certain things.

To come back to things people do to ‘feel more spiritual’, I have some examples of what people think they all need to do, to be a spiritual person:

-Wake up very early.

-Start / End the day with a long meditation.

-Practice yoga.

-Do daily breathwork sessions.

-Own an Oracle / Tarot deck + pull cards.

-Go vegan / Eat plantbased.

-Dance randomly.

-Get a tattoo / piercing / dreadlocks.

-Feel / See spirits.

-Burn sage / incense / candles.

-Own crystals.

-Use essential oils.

-Listen to Solfeggio frequenties.

-Bang a drum.

-Chant mantras.

-Kundalini / Buddhism / certain teachings.

-Join circles / (do) Moon rituals.

-Live in a tiny house / off grid.

All these things are nice things and I don’t mean to say that these things are wrong. In fact, they are all lovely. The point I’m trying to make is that this isn’t spirituality. Spirituality is in you! You don’t need ANYTHING outside yourself to be spiritual, because you are spiritual already, we all are; it’s within!

Don’t confuse the things I listed with what spirituality really is. Card decks, crystals, oils.. you can use them as tools. Yoga, breathwork sessions, meditations.. you can use them to connect with yourself. Do what feels good for YOU. Go within. Listen to yourself; follow YOUR heart; YOUR intuition.

I’ve created 4 online courses; the ‘Light and Love Courses’, to support you with listening to YOURSELF. To have a better understanding of who YOU are as a person and a spiritual being; to listen to YOUR intuition and to stand in your OWN power. You do not need anything or anybody to live your best life. You just have to remember where to look. The online 'Light & Love Courses' can help and support you with this. They are not about me telling you what to do and believe, but they are about YOU finding YOU. Go and take a look, by CLICKING HERE, if you feel (a little) exited about this!

Sending you lots of love and abundance, X

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