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Our Relationship Goes Naked

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Today it is our 1 year anniversary! Diogo and I are actually together for a full year. We can't really believe it ourselves either. Sometimes it feels longer and sometimes it feels a lot shorter. For this special occasion, I asked you if you had questions about our relationship and after deleting the double questions there were 13 questions left. In this blogpost I will answer all of them. I hope you will like reading it, because I (we) had so much fun answering them.

♥ Who drives the van most of the time?

I always drive, because I'm the only one on the insurance and even though Diogo does have his driver's license (however.. it's expired atm), he never really driven after he got it.

♥ How long did it take before you had sex?

That was about 45 min after meeting each other in real life. Haha! Normally I'm not that fast, but after I arrived on a hot day, I took off all my clothes and got into his swimming pool. Diogo doesn't like cold water (which I didn't know back then), but for that day he made an exception and 1 thing led to another.. for a few hours.. hehe.. We look back at that day with a lot of love. We were very easy going and open minded from the very start.

♥ Where is Diogo from?

Diogo is Portuguese. Which is super handy, because it is a very tricky language and it made my move to Portugal so much easier. I do love him for other things as well.. haha!

♥ Who made the first move?

I would say Diogo, but it did help that I was in his swimming pool naked already.

♥ What do you find the most annoying thing about each other?

Diogo: 'When Lisa is indecisive/thinking out loud. When we are talking about what to do for example and we (finally) chose something and agree on it, it can happen that she changes back to the first thing again or she asks me if I'm sure.'

Lisa: 'Diogo gets hangry and when he does he is totally not himself. I find this very tricky, but I recognise it now and I make sure I give him something to eat, haha! And if I can add one more thing; Diogo sometimes talks very unclear. He doesn't move his mouth/lips and not loud enough, so I have to ask 'what?' 489375x.'

♥ How hard was it to move in a van together?

Not hard at all. We moved in the van together 2 weeks after meeting each other (and 1 of those weeks we were not even together, so you could even say after 1 week). I love sharing my things with him and he got used to vanlife pretty quickly. It's very fun to do vanlife together!

♥ Where do you argue about if you do?

This might be hard to believe, given that we live in a van with 4 fur babies and we are together 24/7, but we actually never really argue. We have some big discussion sometimes or we feel upset with each other for something, but it never ends up in a proper argument. We try not to take things personally, we talk about things, have understanding for each other and we love each other a lotttttt.

To give you an example of what the discussions are about: Diogo stopped smoking tobacco 3x since we are together, but every time he is close to someone who is smoking he starts again and when we have weed, he wants to smoke it as fast as possible and I like to save it for special occasions (meditation and having a good night sleep for example). He has his own life and makes his own choices, but for me it's very hard to see him being addicted to smoking tobacco and do this to his health.

♥ Who is cooking the most?

Diogo was a chef for almost 10 years back in the UK, so you would think that he is the one who cooks the most, but actually I cook 90% of the time. I love cooking, especially for people I love. I'm very lucky to have someone to cook for and I guess Diogo is very lucky to have someone who cooks for him every day.

What do you love most about each other?

What we love about our relationship the most is that we are very open minded and we can talk about anything (nothing is too crazy or a taboo) and we have a lot of trust. Which we think are both very important in any relationship.

Diogo: 'Lisa is very caring, kind and loving and she makes me a better person. I love her eyes and her smile, that she cooks nice meals for me and cares about my health. I also love her humour and how easily she laughs at my shit jokes.'

Lisa: 'I love how caring Diogo is as well and that he looks after me so well, but mostly I love how he let's me be myself and loves me the way I am. I'm very attracted to his eyes and how they are even more sexy when he smiles. I just find him very sexy in general and he has the most beautiful skin colour. He is very cuddly and affectionate towards me and the babies and this is very important to me. I love that he is curious about life, that he is very funny (hence I laugh so easily) and always makes me smile and laugh a lot.'

Are there things you think about in a total opposite way?

We thought about this long and hard, but we can't really think of huge things. I guess one of the things is how we should use weed and maybe that Diogo likes to go to a club/party sometimes (even though he didn't go once since we are together) and I'm not really into that.

How do you see the future?

Most of all, we want to be FREE! We do not want to live in today's standard system, (which is quite tricky at the moment), but we have the dream to have a piece of land here in Portugal and live with nature. We want to make it a safe haven for all beings and live self-sufficient and off grid. We want to restore nature, set up a permaculture and an Animal Sanctuary. We would love to organise retreats as well and share the Freedom with everyone who is in need of a safe place. You can actually help us with this if you can:

♥ Are you in a open or a monogamous relationship?

We are in a monogamous relationship. We do talk about what it would be like to be in an open relationship and if we could do that. We never want to say never, but for now we want it to just be us 2 and we think it will stay this way as well.

Is Diogo vegan (for the animals)?

Diogo is vegetarian since he is with me, but he eats mostly plant-based. He used to be the person who'd take the lettuce and the tomato off his burger, but now he eats fruit and vegetables every day. He quite likes it! The only time when he eats something vegetarian is when he occasionally buys a pastry (dairy) at the supermarket or when we eat out (which is basically never) he sometimes chooses a vegetarian option. He is vegetarian/vegan for the animals and his health.

If you feel like having more questions after his, feel free to ask us via Instagram or this website.

Sending you lots of love and abundance, Lisa (& Diogo)

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