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When I was around 20 years old, I was sitting with my family and (ex) husband at the dinner table and I said that I would love to get a car one day, put a mattress in the back and just drive around for a while. See places; be free! My (ex) husband didn’t feel anything for this and so I said I would do it by myself then. Everyone thought I was acting ridiculous and that I couldn’t do that. Even though this wasn’t the main reason, you can imagine that the marriage didn’t last. This feeling of being free is deeply rooted inside of me.

After my divorce I moved to the UK and worked there as a nanny. About 5 years ago, when I realised that I was going to be 30 soon, I thought Fuck it; let’s make my dreams come true! I made a plan to buy a car and whilst I was doing some research I came across this whole vanlife lifestyle. I weirdly never heard of it before. I resonated with it a 100% and getting that big car turned into getting a van and making it my home. At that time I just left the family I used to work for for a few years, but I still came with them to Mallorca and on the way there I told them about my plan and that I was saving up to make my dream come true. A little while later they asked me to come and work for them again as they were moving to the country side. One of the things (there was a whole list) to get me back was that they would lent me the money to get a van. I had to take this chance.

My van was totally manifested. I made a plan, went for it a 100% and about 3 months later I actually bought a van! Everything went so fast. Converting it went a little less fast. It is sooo much work, but today I’m already living in my van for more than 3,5 years. I remember the first day I moved in and my employer suggested to not move in all the way yet, just in case I didn’t like it. I did move in as much as I could, because I know myself; I loved it from the first second and I still love it so much. After living in the UK for 9 years, my intuition told me to move to Portugal and I listened; about 8 months ago I drove down south. My first plan was to travel around the world with Nola (my dog) in my van, to eventually settle somewhere and start a sustainable retreat to welcome people, helping them to come back to themselves. And of course I would also start an animal sanctuary as helping animals in need is my passion! Due to what is happening in the world at the moment I chose to make my settle down dream come true already. In the meantime it’s not just Nola and I, but my partner Diogo moved in with me as well and we rescued another dog and 2 cats. It is getting a little crowded. It really is time to have a piece of land. The idea is now to start an off grid, self-sufficient community with a permaculture and an animal sanctuary. Going back to basic, back to nature and back to yourself. Once we’ve set it up, I would love to invite you to come and visit and maybe you could even stay for a bit longer if you like. I’ve got a whole idea in my head about in what ways we can help each other. You do not need a lot of things in life and for everything you do need, all your basic needs, there is a solution; you can depend on yourself and mother nature. My goal is to live in peace, harmony and with love. Building a whole New Earth, where it’s all about helping each other and not about making more money than your neighbour. To make money for this I do several things:

-I created the (online) ‘Light&Love Courses’ to help you to go back to basic, back to nature and back to yourself. -I make and sell jewellery with crystals to support your wellbeing. -I joined an (online) Mandala Community; a way of investing for people who dare to be different and to have a support team of like-minded people around me. It’s basically investing for people who want to be free and most people are very spiritual. It’s lovely! -I started a crowdfunding, which you can find HERE.

You need to know that everyone can have a life of freedom, including yourself. The only thing it might take is to let go of some materialistic things, to surrender; to trust the universe (yourself!) and to really Go For It! Change your mindset, change your ways and you can be FREE! I would actually love to help people with this exact topic and with some other topics as well. This is why, at the moment, I’m educating myself to set up a coaching business as well. It’s also one of my passions to support people with their dreams.

Some people consider me homeless (and some actually feel sorry for me). Funny enough that is one of my dreams; to not belong to some norm, but to just be the world citizen that I am and to live wherever I want to. The earth is my HOME.

If you would like to support me with the dream I’m realising, please consider donating to the crowdfunding. I would also really appreciate it if you could (also) share the crowdfunding with your friends, family and on your Social Media platforms. IT WOULD MEAN THE WORLD TO THE ANIMALS AND ME. Thank you so much!

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