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Updated: Feb 17, 2022

This will be both an inspiring and a sad bogpost. Sometimes there is a thin line between the two. In the picture you can see me and my grandma. I love her very very much! I grew up spending lots of time with her. I often went to my grandparents after school as they lived in the same village. Or I cycled, walked or skated to them as we only lived in the next village and on Sundays we went to visit them as a family. She is the typical grandma who bought and made me whatever I liked, I could do whatever I wanted and she gave me money in a way that it looked like she was dealing drugs. Am I describing the stereotype well enough?

I use past tense, not because she isn’t alive anymore, she is, but because she sits in her (wheel)chair all day long and basically can’t do anything by herself anymore. She used to cycle everywhere. Everybody knew her as ‘the lady on the bike with her tote bag’. Now she can’t even stand up by herself anymore. She needs help with everything. On top of that she also suffers from Alzheimer Disease. Her body just isn’t working properly anymore. I often think that it’s a miracle that her heart is still beating. It makes me very sad, knowing that she can’t enjoy life the way she likes it.

The reason why this is her life now is a combination of things, but the main cause is.. sadly.. lifestyle and mindset. She is from a generation of people who were easy victims of the system we still live in today. Heavily indoctrinated, life getting easier and more comfortable with new technology developing like crazy. Indoctrinated by commercials and advertisement: tobacco is ok, dairy is good for you, you need to eat meat (aka animals), sugar is great, Big Pharma; there is a pill for almost anything, you need more stuff to be happier, more is better etc. etc.

My other grandma who passed away 2 years ago, had a similar story. She lived her life with the same believes. She passed away with severe Alzheimer and fear. She was a lovely grandma, who I have most amazing memories of as well. Sadly she was also someone who was too familiar with stress, depression and fear. Fear of death, because she had no idea of her strength as a human/spiritual being and who and what she really was. She was so scared of death, that she fought for quite a while before her body gave up completely. She was scared to die alone, but in the end she did (in the care-home). So many bodies, minds and souls completely bound by fear and unconscious of the Whole where they are a part of, all through heavily indoctrination.

The generations who come after my grandparents are quite similar and kept many of these believes alive by conditioning each other. Lately you can see a change happening though. The middle/last few generations are starting to wake up to many of these lies. There are more and more people who are thinking for themselves and who dare to be different. For my grandma it is too late, but when I look at her, it gives me the biggest motivation to turn everything around and live my own truth. This might sound harsh, but she is an inspiration to me, because I do not want to end up like her. It’s ‘funny’ how this works sometimes. Sometimes it gets so dark, that you either keep your eyes closed and you keep going into the direction you know or you switch on the light and find your own way.

I manifest getting old in a natural way, with a strong body. I will be this lady with long grey hair, walking around naked in her vegetable garden with a whole bunch of rescue animals around her. The complete opposite of the generations who wish their days away in a care-home. I want to build a New Earth, where older generations can enjoy their old(er) age and share their wisdom with the newer generations. The right way of conditioning. A big NO to care-homes, but a big YES for uniting a community, in all ages where everyone does his/her part to make it work. Let’s go for quality, not for quantity.

How? By choosing what is right for you! By developing ourselves and turn back to our inner truth. By understanding that you are a part of the Whole, of the light. Everything you choose has a consequence. Make sure that the consequence is freedom and happiness. You can do this to be more aware and by choosing to eat well, to listen to uplifting and healing sounds, to smell nature, to let your feelings run free, to adopt a growth mindset, to believing in yourself; to not choose fear, but to choose LOVE instead.

I thank my grandparents for all the amazing memories I have and how, even though I wished it was different for them, they make me realise how important it is to look after yourself. To always make your own choices and to keep practicing self-development. You are only one choice away from a lifetime of true happiness! Will you make that choice?

If you want to discover who and what you are, build a future based on your own believes, be and raise a generation who is strong and happy by creating your own reality, then check out my online ‘Light & Love Courses’ HERE. There is a new life waiting for you; choose YOU to be YOU; Inner truth over indoctrination. Break the circle!

Sending you lots of love and abundance, X

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