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Last week I shared about my personal growth in my Instagram Stories. How a few years ago, I would never ever go in public without wearing make up, I took selfies in an angle just so I looked thinner than I actually was and I used filters to be more beautiful. I always envied others who could just be 100% themselves in pictures, videos and who didn’t put make-up on before they walked out the door; the ‘natural beauties’ or the people who just don’t care.

I sort of made the assumption (without being aware of this) in my head that it was just not for me. I was someone who always had to wear foundation to cover up my red and acne skin and for some reason on the camera I never looked like myself. Apart from that I was also suffering from bulimia for years and years (to read the blogpost about my eating disorder CLICK HERE). It made me so self conscious all the time as an eating disorder is something that is constantly on your mind. It blocked me from just accepting my appearance.

Until I came to a point in my life where I didn’t want this anymore. I never hated my body or myself and funny enough I am someone who generally doesn’t care about what others think of me and I always do what I want, but when it came to these insecurities (my skin and my weight), I have to admit that I cared a lot. When I started to become more aware of this (awareness is always the first step!), I wanted to change this.


- Meditation (different variants).

- Mindset.

- Nature.

- Connect to myself.


A lot of inner work, to be where I am now and I am loving it! The FREEDOM that I experience in so many aspects of my life is worth everything. For years now I do not wear any make up, ever. I do not suffer from bulimia any longer, but eat whatever I want to. I stopped using filters and when I take a picture or video of myself for whatever reason, I embrace all the insecurities and feel the love for myself instead.

For me this is real beauty! When I now look into my own eyes, either in the mirror, in a picture or in my YouTube videos, the whole energy is different; This is me! When I look back at pictures of myself I find myself pretty with make up, but I don’t feel that it is me. It was me in the past, but now I am a different person. Which is literally what it is: you change every day and every moment there is a new you. Which makes every moment a good moment to live the way you want to. You can also choose FREEDOM!

I realised in my own journey, that everyone is a natural beauty AND you shouldn’t care about what others think of you as long as you are happy and not doing harm to others. My mindset has changed so much, that now I do not find myself more beautiful with a filter, but I actually see ALL the beauty in being natural and real. This also counts for you. I see more beauty in your ‘imperfections’ than when you use a filter.

The only difference between being the person with insecurities or the person who is fully embracing life, is your mindset and the love and acceptance you have for yourself. It has got nothing to do with what you look like. You have every right to be who you are, because you are already perfect. You do not need a filter, make up, to be shy or anything else to cover up. You can just be YOU! Unapologetically!

This is why I love coaching so much! To help you see your worth and to help you with overcoming situations, to change you mindset and to live in FREEDOM! I can help you with this, but also support you with the following:

-Make a change.

-Relationships & Heartbreak.

-Sensuality & Sexuality.

-Nutrition (speciality: intuitive eating / bulimia).

If you would like to book a FREE Intake Session (max. 30 min.), please send me a message as I still have at least 2 spots available at the moment. For more information, you can also have a look over HERE.

Sending you lots of love, X

Little disclaimer: Don’t feel offended if you love make-up. It’s not the point I’m trying to make.

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