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The first and last time that I wrote about this topic, it was about my first magic shroom experience ever. You can read about that experience by clicking HERE. In the end of that blogpost I say that I would absolutely try it again and I did! In the meantime I’ve had another 4 experiences, 1 of them with a little bit of a higher dose. I thought it was time to write another blogpost about this as I went so much deeper this time. Also I’ve had a lot of questions about it and hopefully I can answer them in this way for you.

In the end of last year we (my partner Diogo and I) were at the beach and we decided we wanted to do another shroom trip. We got our hands on some special chocolates, with 2 gram of magic in each. They are extra strong ones, so we decided that we were going to start with a quarter (0,5 gram) to feel what that would be like. Technically this was the same amount as with our first experience, but like I said, these are stronger, we just wanted to feel and experience them first before upping the dose.

We always do it in the morning, this way your stomach is very empty. After eating a quarter of the chocolate we went for a walk on the beach. After about half an hour I started to feel very focused and the stones on the beach all looked like proper treasure (I collected a lot! Haha!). It felt like a childlike experience, very nice. When we came to a corner we sat down on some rocks for a while and this is when it really started. I got a huge laughing-kick and when I closed my eyes I started to see some visuals for the very first time. The first thing I saw was a wizard. Everything I see is in cartoon/art form. The wizard was simple and had big eyes. I also saw a black/purple gorilla like you would see it in a comic book. The gorilla was screaming and then disappeared. We walked back to the van, which was hilarious as you feel like you have to act normal once you are around people again. You have the idea that you carry around a big secret and everyone knows or is suspicious of you (in a fun way). To make things worse, the lady from the park up wanted to talk to us (worst timing!!). Diogo went as he can speak Portuguese (lucky me for not being able to!) and I went to lay on the bed.

When I closed my eyes I saw a bright light which then parted and a golden bird/eagle came out. This was a start of many visuals I had that day. I saw a lot of animals and for some reason, a lot of (screaming) faces. From bright to very dark, like I was watching a strange random movie that I could control with my thoughts and feelings. Also, 2 more times it happened that I randomly started to laugh and I couldn’t stop. Laughing was going so automatically and I was just laughing because of laughing. It was so much fun and I felt so good! It was a very nice experience.

When Diogo stayed with his mum for a while and I was in the van by myself for a week, I decided to do 0,5 a gram by myself. I did a lot of journaling, which I 100% recommend. Journaling on shrooms is the best! So many insights came to me that trip and I felt so many things. Things that I knew, but were experienced so differently through actually feeling them. I saw a lot of wolves and lots of things were in blue in my visuals this time. In the end of the trip I ate half a papaya and it was the best meal I’ve ever had in my life. I was really experiencing the food like never before. It was out of this world! I also danced a bit outside of the van and I couldn’t care less if people saw me. All I wanted was to be my most authentic happy self. I was just so happy and content in the moment. I really liked having this experience by myself.

Around Xmas Diogo and I decided to take a bit of a higher dose. We decided to eat half a chocolate (1 gram each). This was an amazing experience. It was like things came to life. Stones were so beautiful, with patterns and flowing energy. Plants were vivid. So much energy and so much aliveness. The sky, the clouds and everything moved in such a beautiful way. The feeling of oneness was even stronger and I really enjoyed it. The visuals with my eyes closed were stronger as well. I saw a white Persian cat with a third eye and lots of flowers and again many faces, animals and eyes in general. I felt calmer this time, in a way that I recognised the feeling and the stages I go through with shrooms. It made it easier to enjoy it more. Still, when it was wearing off/finished, I wished I was even more calm. Even though I feel very present and powerful in the trip, I also feel like an excited child that can’t concentrate for more than 3 seconds. The last shroom experience was on my birthday. We picked a spot in nature, near a lovely lake and we took 0,5 a gram each. We both didn’t feel like a big dose this time, so we went for a smaller one. Again it was a lovely experience. Lovely fun visuals, the connection with nature, the overwhelming feeling of to just be who you are.. there wasn’t a better way to start my birthday. Truly enjoyable!

A summery of the questions I’ve had: -Shrooms tend to last about 3-4 hours, no matter the dose you take. -It does not feel the same as weed. It’s much more fun. Haha! There is a bigger feeling of oneness with everything around you and you feel immensely powerful. You get a good glimpse of your strength and purpose in the world.

-You can do it in the evening, but you have to make sure that you fast that day or that you don’t eat for a few hours before, so your stomach is all empty. To avoid too much nausea. -You do not loose control, in a way that you do know where you are and who you are (you probably get a better understanding of who /what you are) and things are all the same, just more alive and interesting. -After taking it, on an empty stomach, you will slowly start to feel something happening after about half an hour. Then you will go through different stages. For me this is: Focus, present moment, nausea and then I enter the visuals with closed eyes, visuals with eyes open (only with higher dose), feeling of oneness, every little thing is meant to be, feeling happy/content and the urge to be my most authentic self. The feelings after the nausea have a bit of an order, but are also all felt simultaneously.

-I hope you have a good idea of how it feels after writing down my experiences.

I hope this answered your questions. If you have more, send me a message and I’m happy to answer them. Thank you for reading my blogpost. It would mean a lot to me if you’d give me some feedback.

Sending you lots of love! X

PS: Everything in this blogpost is based on my personal experiences and of course they can be different for everyone, depending on a number of factors.

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