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Updated: Feb 17, 2022

In the beginning of last year (2020), I decided that I want to do Ayahuasca one day. Now, as that can be a very heavy experience and I hardly even smoked a joint before, I thought I shouldn’t start with that (good thinking Lisa!). This is when I started to look into psychedelics like mushrooms and truffels.


I’ve always had an interest in yoga, meditation, ancient civilisations, (old) wisdom, telepathy, the unexplainable etc. I linked this to the spiritual world. In the end of 2019 my spiritual journey really took off, going in high speed. It’s beautiful how many people experienced the same (we are starting to remember who and what we are; the great awakening!). I started to take manifesting, meditation and especially my intuition a lot more serious, which ended in me creating 4 courses about all these subjects (and more), which you can find on this website (CLICK HERE).

No matter how much I was meditating and trying to be (more) present, I noticed that there is a part in me that I can’t reach. Like I needed to shed layers to get there, but I don’t know how. This is where the idea of using psychedelics came in. I would never use it for the reason to numb myself or to escape reality. I find this misusing the wonders that nature gifted us. I believe that psychedelics are tools to remind ourselves what we are capable of. Gifts of the universe!


The problem was that I still felt a fear. I am a huge control freak (obviously has something to do with these layers I need to shed) and I know stories that didn’t end so well. I’m quite sure that many of those stories was a case of misusing it, but still.. Anyway, when I made the decision of trying some one day, there was information, experiences, people and all sorts of things coming my way. It was just presenting it to me, just like that. Then a few months ago, my lovely friend was visiting me and she gifted me a small dose (1 gram) of her home grown mushrooms + the book ‘The Psychedelic Experience’ by ‘Timothy Leary’ (a book that I really wanted to read). WHAT! She didn’t know that I had this big interest for 1,5 year already. In my believe the universe send her to speed up my process (I was being rather slow about it.. haha!).

I still didn’t take it right away though, because I didn’t feel ready. I refused to go into it with fear. Since I’m in Portugal, so many signs and people came into my life who really helped me to feel more confident about it. Last week I decided I was ready and as full moon was coming up, I thought that would be the perfect time. I needed something to grind up the mushrooms, to make it into a lemon shot (it was recommended to me) and as a final sign, last Saturday I was in a very random shop that sold little wooded pestle & mortars. Thank You Universe.


Even though I only had 1 gram, I still wanted to share it with my boyfriend and it would only be 0,5 a gram each (I know you can probably do the math). It would be a micro micro dose, so we decided to do it on an empty stomach, to get the most out of it. Sunday morning I ground up the cute looking mushrooms in the brand new pestle & mortar, squeezed the juice out of a lemon, made sure that I didn’t waste even a bit and after a good mix it was bottoms up! I really like lemons and I also didn’t mind the taste of the mushrooms, so it was a very good experience.

We didn’t really expect too much of it, as it was only half a gram, so we got the van ready to go and drove to check up on a donkey that we found a few days ago, to report her situation (she was in the burning sun without shade and water). Reporting it took a little longer than expected and in the meantime it was almost half an hour since we took the shrooms. When I was waiting, I suddenly felt a little wave come over me and I knew this was the magic working. It was very subtle though and soon after that we left. We were on our way to the lake, but it just so happened that we needed to pop into the supermarket very quickly on our way. Everything is very close and the roads were super quiet, but by the time I parked the van I concluded that it really started.

I felt very happy (happier than normal, even though I’m such a happy person already), sort of giggly and VERY present. It was one hilarious experience to go shopping like this, but somehow you can totally act normal when you really have to. Luckily, because the woman at the till decided to tell my boyfriend her whole heartbreak story ( I couldn’t really understand cuz: Portuguese). It was a very sad story, but in the meantime the magic within us was growing stronger. The lake was only a 1 minute drive though and as you still have fully focus on mushrooms I felt still ok to drive there. You might think this was irresponsible, but trust me, it was ok, otherwise I wouldn’t have done it. With a bigger dose it’s definetely a NoGo!


The thing I absolutely liked most about it was the feeling of being very present. I love being in my own bubble and this was like a bubble of presence. It was so pleasant! I wanted to meditate, but in the end we ended up being on the bed, chilling, chatting and just staring at each other. It was lovely! After about a 100 minutes since taking it, I felt like the magic was on its return and then 20 minutes later it was completely gone.


Absolutely! I actually can’t wait to take it again. I really want to meditate whilst experiencing the magic. I think this will really help my meditations and shed those layers. I would also like to make love whilst being on shrooms and to combine the already magic energy coming from that with the shroom magic. This will definitely create deep experiences (pun intended?).

I think it’ll also be a nice little prep for when I feel ready to do ayahuasca. Something that really helped, in my opinion and from what I heard, is to go into it with 0 expectations. I can totally tell you that it was definitely helpful for this experience.

So yes, this really was the best gift ever. Thanks again! You know who you are. X

Little question, that I know you felt was coming: Would you (consider) taking shrooms yourself?

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