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Fresh Start: letting go of the old and prep the new

Be honest: How long do your New Year’s Resolutions last for? We humans somehow always feel the urge to set strict rules for ourselves when a new year is starting. You write down a list of what you would like and try to discipline yourself. Then after about 2 weeks you start to slip and before you know it you stop caring about it until another 340 days have passed. You really have to stop doing this to yourself. All you’re doing is making yourself feel like a failure, but instead you should use that energy to feel like a happy successful person.

Do you want this as well? What person do you want to be?

For the last 5 years I am doing it differently and I spontaneously decided that I want to share this with you; Instead of making a list with hard demands for myself I choose to very consciously end the old year and start the new year fresh.

> Instead of rules, I visualise a certain atmosphere for the new year.

> Instead of using my head and rely on discipline, I choose my heart and feel.

> Instead of failing before February has even started, I create my own year

> Instead of struggling to accomplish my goals, I make sure that everything I need is coming to me using something magical: energy.

I have my own rituals, by tidying up everything around me, to literally create space for new things. This is such an important step! Hence we do this in the end of the year and not in the beginning of the new year.

I want to share my ways with you, for you to also create the year that will make you happy.

> Do you feel like you need more clarity in your life?

> Do you wish to have a satisfying year?

> Do you want to feel more in charge of your own life?

> Would you like to try something new this time?

> Would you build a foundation for a year full of (self) love?

Then send me a message and sign up! We are starting on Monday the 19th of December. I prepared 15 guided days for you.

Yes, this means that instead of just making a list, I take you through a process. The process I normally do by myself, but I now want to share with you. We focus on creating a foundation through visualisation exercises, for your feeling to match the energy of everything you want to attract.

What can you expect from this overall process? The course comes with:

-Guided tidying up days to create space.

-Journaling to more (self) love and awareness.

-Time to consciously reflect on 2022.

-Time to set realisable intentions for 2023.

-A guided (live) meditation to enhance visualisation.

-An online workshop for even more visualisation.

-An oracle card reading for extra guidance.

-A guided digital detox for more depth and wholeness.

-Sharing circles to inspire and express yourself.

-Different tools and tips for you to succeed.

All this and more for only €23!

I will send you a ready to work with PDF, where you can easily follow the course and where you are allowed acces to a private Instagram group where I guide you more personally.

If you are doubting, you’re not sure if this will work for you or any other questions, please send me a message and I will help you the best to my ability.

See you soon!

Sending lots of love your way, X

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