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1. Did you ever doubt making the investment?

Yes! The first time that I heard about it, I was like ‘I’m not going to do this’. But then I started to research it and learn about it and that made the doubt completely disappear. I actually wrote a blogpost about it. Click HERE if you want to read about the investment I made and how I felt about it.

2. Isn’t this just an MLM/Pyramid scheme?

This is exactly why my first reaction was that I didn’t want to get involved in this. There are so many MLM and Pyramid Schemes around, where you have to work hard, for not that much money, whilst the people on the top get a lot of money. I thought that this was exactly the same.

Only when you start to learn about the system you will see that this isn’t like that at all. Some things that makes this very different from an MLM/PS:

-You only have to make a 1 time investment. -You do not have your team to buy (monthly) inventory.

-You can grow as fast/slow as you want and all the work you put in, is for your own benefit.

-And most important: You can actually overtake people.

-It’s fair!

Enagic works with a unique 8 Point Commission System and they patented this, so they are the only one in the world who work with this amazing system. To learn more about this, I recommend you to watch the compensation video HERE.

Watch the Compensation Plan video under 'Distribute' for the explanation.

3. Do I have to quit my job or can I have this business on the side?

When you love your current job/study (yay!), you can just do this online business on the side. It’s completely up to you. When you already like spending time on social media, then this is a bonus, as you’ll not have to invest more time. Your online time will become your time invested.

And if you already like spending time on social media, why not use it in your advantage and make an income out of that?

4. How much time do you spend on this?

I’m not really spending that much extra time on it actually.

In the whole beginning, I of course made my new website, logo, house style, business cards, opening a bank account and all of that prep work and that is extra time, but it’s also a 1 time investment. The daily time I spend on it is exactly the same as what I normally spend on social media anyway.

The only extra time I’m spending on it now:

-Courses: that are all for free via BAM.

-Mastermind calls: where you learn from the best and are super motivational for your business, but also for personal development.

-Business meetings: which is just (zoom) calls with friends really!

The nice thing is that this is all optional. It will teach you things, it will all help you make your business more successful (and to grow as a person), but you are not obligated to do this or to attend them all. You can plan in your own business meetings and you can do it as often as you want. It’s your business, so it’s all up to you.

5. Can I do this too?

When you like spending time online, love making connections online, you have an interest in health/environment and you like making the world a better place, you can totally do this too!

Sometimes you do not know how, but that is ok. You can learn how to do it all. Many people started from scratch. The question is if you would like to. When this all sounds interesting and/or you totally see yourself do this, please contact me and fire all your questions my way!

6. Do I need a lot of followers on Instagram for this?

No!! This might surprise you, but you do not need a crazy number of followers. You do not even need 1 yet. What is most important is that you are authentic, honest and real. Many people actually start from scratch (like I answered in question 5) and set up a whole new account, starting with 0 followers.

There are people who are super successful, who actually quit their job, with only a few 100 followers. This business is not about having a huge audience, but it’s about connecting with like-minded people. And this is actually so much fun!

7. Can you use Kangen water only for drinking?

There are actually 68+ ways to use the water. Because the water machine (K8) has so many different PH levels, you can use the water for sooo many things. It’s super interesting what we can do with water, instead of using chemicals for example. If you want more information on this, send me a message and I will send you a document with all the ways you can use the water.

The way you can actually use this for so many things, is actually what makes it so interesting. It can replace so many products in your household. This is also so much better for the environment.

A few of my personal favourites: drinking, removing pesticides from fruit/vegetables, clean glasses, anti-bacterial, make up remover, cleaning your house, shiny hair and healthy skin.

I will write a blogpost about all my personal favourites ways to use the water soon.

9.5 Kangen Water

8. What are you going to do with so much money?

Personally, I do not need this much money and I do not care about having a lot of money. So, my plan is to do good with it. I will still do exactly what I always wanted; To live and travel in my van. I only need a few 100 a month to survive.

I still want to travel the world, go to Costa Rica to do Ayahuasca, eventually build a sustainable tiny house from a shipping container and to live as self-sufficient as possible, with a sanctuary for ex-farm animals and old/sick animals. These are all things I already planned to do before I even heard of working online. Nothing changed.

I will put a bit of money in my savings for unexpected costs, but with the rest of the money I want to make others happy. I want to help other people (in whatever way), putting a smile on someone’s face, make dreams come true etc. I will also donate my money to good causes, like sanctuaries, organisations that help animals who live on the street (pay for castrations/sterilisations, flights/transport). I want to make a difference! I might not change the whole world, but I will change the world of the one that I am helping. And this way I will make the world a better place, even if it’s only to raise the vibration.

9. What are the benefits of Kangen water?

There are so many benefits! Some health benefits are:

-Increase hydration.

-Balance body PH.

-Increase blood oxygenation.

-Neutralises free radicals.

-Healthy weight loss.

-Anti aging. -Detoxifying.

If you click HERE, you can read a bit more about Kangen water. And if you have any questions, want more information about the science behind the water etc. do not hesitate to send me a message. I’m happy to send you trustworthy articles. Or when you want to do your own research, I can help you to give you some tips.

10. How confident do you feel about this?

Very confident! I looked into this for months and I learned a lot about it all. I’m so excited about it and I am a 100% sure that this is what I was meant to do. It aligns with me and my values so much!

I love my team and the way we build each other up. It’s perfect, as I do not have to be with a whole group of people all the time, but at the same time I’m surrounded with like-minded people. People who want the best, who live out of love, who want to help and who want to make the world a better place.

11. Did you quit your nanny job?

Not yet, but in a few months, I will. I will then make enough money to do what I want; be free! I will travel around and see the world, do what I want to do.

12. What do you like about it most?

Oh so much! But I think to me personally, I like that I can do it from anywhere in the world. I also love that it is good for your health and good for the earth and to do it with a huge online support system. There is always someone who can help you with anything; personal or business.

13. What are your goals?

As in life goals: to be free and happy! Make my own and other people’s dreams come true. I want to make a difference in someone’s life or just to make them smile. To do some good in the world.

Business wise: to reach 6A within 18-24 months. And to eventually reach 6A 2-3.

There is also something else I’m thinking of, but that is for the future. A secret project!!

14. Do you have to be good with numbers?

Well, trust me, if there is someone not good with numbers and admin stuff, it’s me! Numbers and rules are things that confuse me so much! But the best thing about this online business is that there is always, always, always help and support in abundance. Read about coaching and support HERE.

15. Do I need a degree or a diploma or anything before I start?

No! You just need an interest in health environment, social media and have an interest in working with awesome people.

To help you succeed there are lots of free online courses available and there is lots and lots of support, like my answer to question 14.

16. What if I won’t sell anything?

You will!!! Everyone drinks water and clean and trustworthy water has never been this important (with all the chemicals put in the water by our government). Everyone eats fruit/vegetables covered with pesticides, showers (at least, I hope so! Haha!), cleans their house and this machine does it all. In my opinion everyone should own a K8 and an Anespa. It comes with so much benefits.

17. Can I see your machine?

Yes of course! Here is my beautiful K8!!

And here is my Anespa!

I love both machines so much. I love how the water taste and after showering with Anespa, only a few times, I can already notice my skin looks better (it actually has a glow!) and my hair is shinier (my hair is normally never shiny!).

18. Can I cancel any time?

Yes, of course! This means you can cancel with the online BAM community, but you can also stop your business at any time. You’re not obligated to do anything you do not want to. It’s your business, your life and so it’s up to you.

About the online BAM community btw, you can also join for only 1 month, so you can see what it’s like. Meet the people, do the free online courses and just get a feel of it all. I did this and I totally recommend this. Send me a message if you’re interested in this.

These were all the Frequently Asked Questions. If your question still isn't answered, do not hesitate to ask me! Send me a message HERE or contact me via Instagram. I'd love to hear from you!

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