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Updated: Feb 17, 2022

So much confusion around community life. Many people who said ‘I could never do that’, ’It’s not for me’ or even ‘It’s not for you’. People are quite surprised when they hear that I want to start an off grid community. I’m a HUGE introvert (!) and if you would have told me about my current mission 5 years ago, I would have definitely not believed you!

I used to think that it meant always doing everything together. Waking up together, have meals together, hang out together, spend every minute of every day together! Welllll.. It would make me deeply unhappy to even do this once a week, let alone every day. This is why I want to explain what a community actually is and how this can be the future for everyone who wants to live a free life.

There are many communities all over the world (a lot of them happen to be in Portugal). There are all sorts of communities. Communities where you do start your day together with yoga and meditation and communities who do not even live on the same piece of land. The beauty of this, is that there is a community for everyone and if not, you can always create one yourself.

The community that I (we) want to create is a community that is introvert proof. Not only that, but I would love to have like-minded people who are standing in their own power and who understand their own strength. Everyone has interests and talents. To use them in a community to create a life where everyone can live in freedom is my dream. How amazing is it if your task would be to make sure there is always enough food for the community. You know your plants and your gardening and you feel confident and happy with your fingers in the dirt, making plants flourish. Or what if you have a passion and a talent to work with older people. You could be the helping hand for the elderly in the community (instead of ‘putting them away’ in care homes). Or teaching.. children of all ages together, learning together, helping each other and you can be their guide when it comes to their questions. You can be the helping hand or to be an inspiration in their progress. We can all do something we love when we live in communities. Helping each other to make it work.

There will be many things you are able to do in a community and at the same time there will be lots of free time as well. There will be busier times in spring and autumn for example and more quiet times in winter. This way we live every day with nature as a part of nature. In my opinion, the way it should be. We are nature!

And of course we can come together and hang out as well, but it should never be or feel like an obligation. Mutual understanding, awareness of the ego and understanding your intuition are key. We can do a lot of things by ourselves, but in a community where everyone does their own part (the thing that everyone’s good at), we can do even more and actually make it work to live in a world where we are self-sufficient and free.

Going back to basic, back to nature and with that back to ourselves was one of my biggest inspirations to create my courses. To find the power inside yourself, to bring awareness to your ego, to understand your intuition and so much more. The future is not scary, you have a purpose here on this earth and this is why the future is full of freedom and you can create a life full of happiness, as long as you believe in YOURSELF! I will help you find all these things and more within yourself in my Light & Love Courses, which you can find right HERE. When you have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me, because I will always answer them with lots of love. Sending you love and abundance right now! X

PS: To speed up the money saving and to actually buy land for this, I started a crowdfunding. There is more information about my mission on the crowdfunding page. If you would like to check it out, maybe even make a donation or if you are able to share it, please check it out HERE. Thank you so so so much!

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