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Updated: Feb 17, 2022

It’s amazing how the universe works. When you find out how you can get all the answers to the questions you have and that you can create the life you want, it’s like you switch on. The universe has a unique way of communicating. There are so many ways and it happen to be that one of the most important conversations I had with the universe, was thanks to chickens.

Last year (2020) I did a lot of research about the whole pandemic. So much, that I actually wrote a lot of it down in an article, which you can read HERE if you like. After I published the article I took a step back, because the research is not only time consuming, but realising how the world works and what things are put in place to control it, are a big thing to take in mentally. I also realised that I don’t want to be a soldier in this war. I want to be the person w ho spreads light and love, to shine this light on the darkness, knowing that love always wins.

Who is on the side of LOVE, is always on the winning side.

I want people to understand themselves better, to understand the strength of their own power. We are so powerful! This is the reason why I created the Light and Love Courses. You are worth opening your eyes to your super powers.

I was thinking about a way to get away from the system, I’ve always done this in one way or another. When I publishing the article, I already lived in my van (that I converted to a camper-van) for 2,5 years. I wanted to travel around, that was always the plan. Sadly, this wasn’t going to work out with all the restrictions though. I had another dream; after I felt I did enough traveling (more like a 10-20 year plan), I wanted to buy a piece of land with or without a building on it and start a community/animal sanctuary. A place where people could go, coming back to themselves. Be one with nature, go back to basic and see the beauty of living as a part of the whole. I could rescue animals, especially focusing on the old/sick stray dogs and cats and ex-industry animals. Start a permaculture and be as self sufficient as possible, all year round. This future plan started to feel like the only option to actually live the way I want to live.

One day, somewhere in March, I did a lot of research again and it made me feel so down. I cried, because I felt so desperate and powerless. The whole day I almost felt paralysed with this feeling. It was also the day when a ‘voice’ in my head told me to cross the North Sea. My last workday was in the end of April and my plan was still to travel through England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland after that. So, every time this voice came up, I ignored it, because I didn’t want that. I wanted to travel, before crossing. This was always the plan; I let my head lead, instead of listening to my heart/intuition. The voice was so persistent though, that I decided to just take a quick look at the government website to see what were the possibilities if I did decide to cross. As soon as I started look a restless feeling was replaced by calm. I started to see so much synchronicity everywhere and I just felt that I couldn’t ignore this voice (that was really screaming in the end), but that I had to listen.

It wasn’t over though, because as soon as I decided that I was going to leave the island as soon as possible (the weekend after my last workday), the voice told me to go to Portugal. Portugal was coming up everywhere and it was hard to ignore. This is when my future plan popped up again a lot and the idea of starting an off grid community with and animal sanctuary and permaculture asap, was born. Of course, thinking about it is one, but actually doing it was not going to be that easy. I had so many questions! Some of them were:

-Do I just drive to Portugal?

-And then what?

-Where would I go?

-How do I get this amount of money?

-How will I learn setting up a permaculture?

-Will I ever learn how to speak Portuguese? (it’s such a hard language)

One thing that I was totally sure of though, was that I wanted to rescue some ex-battery hens. Chickens make me so happy and they just raise my frequency with ease. I thought.. priorities! I got my laptop out and started to search for an animal rights group in Portugal to ask where I was able to get some of those lovely hens. When I was looking for this, I stumbled on a website called ‘Workaway’. Apparently it is quite a popular website, but it was new for me. If you have no idea as well; it’s a website that offers (mostly) volunteer work in exchange for accommodation and sometimes food. I found a lovely family with a permaculture, who were looking for volunteers and their story basically answered all the questions I had!

I’ve had a lovely experience helping the family with their permaculture and now I have a good idea of how to set up my own permaculture. There is still a lot to learn though, but they are such a lovely helpful family and I’m sure that I can always ask them whenever I don’t know something. They also knew their psychedelics, which was a bonus. It is something I’m interested in for over a year now and they happen to know a lot about it. Isn’t it amazing how the universe makes you meet the people who can teach you the exact things you’re interested in. Beautiful how frequencies attract each other in this way. It’s like magic! I’m super grateful for everything I’ve learned at their lovely place and for just knowing them. They are so inspirational. This is the way to go forward, to help each other with our own talents and interests.

This just shows, that whenever you don’t have all the answers, go with something that you do know. This will often lead you to the answers. I also got in touch with some people who had similar dreams (it turned out, Portugal is the perfect country for when you want to start an off grid community. Who knew!) and along the way I met a lovely guy; Diogo, who is now my boyfriend.

From having no idea where to start, I do have a plan now. I took lots of steps already and I’m still taking steps right now, one by one and here I am.. in Portugal, following my heart. Because in my heart I know this is the way to go forward, this is what my intuition told me to do; I know that the Universe has got my back. I create my own reality, because I am the Universe.

I now live with my boyfriend in the van and we are living as cheap as possible. We are both working online and we try to save up as much as we can. To speed things up, I started a crowdfunding as well. We are both so incredibly grateful for all he people who donated already! Every little helps, but it’s also the love we feel with every donation. People believing in this project and understanding it is going to be an amazing piece of paradise that we will create. I will link the crowdfunding page HERE, just in case you feel like making a donation or/and if you can maybe share it with as much people as possible. We would love to welcome you to our land as soon as we got it. We are looking forward having you there to appreciate true happiness. I’m sending you lots of love and abundance! X

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