Self Development

What I really noticed, straight away, is that the Breakaway Movement is all about self development, confidence and self love. All things you need (to learn) when being your own boss, but it's also amazing for your personal life. We all help each other to be better people, to learn about ourselves. It's all about mindset!

This means that the courses and mastermind calls are not only business related, but also to help you become a better version of yourself. You get the best of both worlds! I believe that this is the key to be successful in your business, but most important, to be a happy person.

Self development is something that I'm personally super passionate about. I believe in the universe giving us what we need, as long as we ask for it in the right way.


I love using affirmations. Many of the most successful people use(d) affirmations. I like to say them out loud every morning, I use them in my mediations and I remember and often say them during the day.


These are some of the affirmations that I absolutely love and use myself:

> From this moment forward, I invite unlimited abundance in my life. 

> I am enough. I am smart. I attract positivity. I am confident. I attract opportunity. I am kind. I am worthy of good things. 

> Money comes to me easily and effortlessly, wealth constantly flows into my life and my actions create constant prosperity. 

The best thing is that it works. If you never used affirmations before, I will tell you why and how they work, down below.

Law of Attraction

The way affirmations work is through the Law of Attraction. What is the Law of Attraction?
The Law of Attraction is the most powerful law that exist. It's the law of the universe. Simply explained: we attract what we ask for. Literally!

When you truly want something, when you are completely consumed by the feeling, you will get it and/or it will happen. You might have already noticed this throughout your life. You (unknowingly) manifested many things that you have right now. The universe matches your feeling and this is how it will come to you. You attract what you believe!

How can we do this? You have to live your life in a way so it seems like you already have it. It's a way of thinking. Affirmations can help you with this. By repeating an affirmation, you will start to believe it and when you truly believe it, it will come to you. This is manifesting. You have to do it in the right way though.


I will give you a simple example:

"I never have enough money" is attracting you never having enough money, because that is what you are saying.
"Money comes to me easily and effortlessly" is making money come to you. Money is just energy.

This is not only about money, because you can use this in every aspect of your life. The Law of Attraction works! 


This is how dreams come true! If you have questions about manifesting and the Law of Attraction, just send me

a message and ask away.