Light & Love Courses

Welcome to the 'Light & Love Courses' of Freedom Evermore!


The Light & Love Courses consist of 4 individual courses, which you can buy separately if you wish. They are all integrated though, which is why I do recommend to do all 4 of them, in order. This is how you will get the most out of it. I designed the courses to bring you, your mind, your body and your soul together. This will give you a better understanding of what and who you are. To do this, we will go back to basic. We can sometimes be so occupied with everyday life, that we forget to connect with ourselves and to stay connected. Through the connection of the true you, you will find peace and purpose.


YOU: WHO YOU ARE - Be one with nature; connect to your inner self and mother earth.
MIND: MENTAL SELF-CARE - Changing your mindset; a positive mindset is essential.
BODY: PHYSICAL SELF-CARE - High frequency food, movement and rest.
SOUL: SPIRITUALITY - Bommunicate with the universe within you through vibrations

I would love to take you on this journey, so we can build a NEW EARTH together. Let's Build Back to BASIC!



> First of all you will SAVE £25*!
> There is an Early Bird Discount for the first 11 people (£84 DISCOUNT)!

Second, you will:

-Raise your frequency.
-Have a better understanding of yourself.
-Manage your emotions better.

-Gain lots of insights about yourself and the world.
-Feel calmer and happier.

-Learn how to work with your intuition.
-Learn how to trust yourself.
-Learn how to live from love.

-Find the purpose of your life.
-Improve your immune system.
-Have a better understanding of the universe.
-Be the boss of your own life.

-Help building a New Earth.
-Have 6 Guided mediations*.
-Have 4 Journaling exercises.
-Learn much more!!!


What extras will you get for FREE:

-Extra visualisation meditation (*the 6th of the total).

-FREE E-book ‘Hydrate & Nourish’ (incl. nourishing 4 recipes).

-Book list of Must-Read Books. 



-When 2 people buy the course through you, you get the FULL PACKAGE (all 4 courses + extras) for FREE!

-This huge discounts is only available for a limited time.

-Send me a message if you want to apply for this amazing discount!


There is more?? YES!

-The first people who buy my course get a little extra in the post, while supplies last.

-I'll organise a 'Moon Bracelet 'Giveaway for every 11 participants, while supplies last.


               Find out below what
               each course is about.



IS £84!!

Each course has 7 modules and in each module you will find 2-4 chapters. All courses come with a full workbook. You can do the courses in your own time. Some modules are a bit faster to work through than others, depending on the number of chapters and the assignments. I recommend you to do 1-3 modules a week, which results in an average total time of about 3-4 months.


M1 Species: oneness, basics.
M2 Conditioning: the system, indoctrination.
M3 Disconnection: technology, consumerism, minimalism, veganism.
M4 Super Human: slow down, listen to yourself, back to basic.
M5 Self-Development: awareness, ego, learning.

M6 Labels: identity, energy type, personal core values.

M7 You: self-image, mindset.


M1 Acceptance: emotions, body positivity, letting go.

M2 Balance: talk, overstimulation.
M3 Be You: authenticity, communication, like-minded people.
M4 Trust: self-trust, boundaries, new things.

M5 Passions: talent, interests.
M6 Change: purpose, choose, future vision.
M7 Focus: motivation, procrastinating, reflect.


M1 Fuel: pbwf, essentials, organic.
M2 Gut Health: immune system, pro and prebiotics, alkaline.
M3 Intuitive Eating: listen, intermittent fasting.
M4 Cooking: meal prep, easy recipes.

M5 Exercise: movement, yoga.
M6 Relax: me time, rest, mornings.
M7 Nature Knows: touch, breath, products.


M1 Time: now, meditation.

M2 Energy: vibration, abundance, shadow work.
M3 Manifesting: law of attraction, money.

M4 Universe: communicate, death, awakening.

M5 Astrology: birth chart, moon.
M6 Spiritual Kit: crystals, smudging, card decks.
M7 New Earth: lightworker, future.

If you have questions, don't hesitate to ASK ME. No strings attached!