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If you would like to receive some spiritual guidance through an Oracle Card (message from the Universe), I would love to pull a card for you. You can choose for different options, which I put down below.


-You feel a little lost in what to do with your life.

-You are not sure if you are on the right path.

-You are faced with a decision, but you don't know what to choose.

-You feel you need some encouragement with a decision that you've made.

-You have a life related question.

-You feel the need to receive a message from the Universe.
-You just started a new relationship / job / project.
-You are having some trouble in your relationship(s).
-You just came out of a relationship / heartbreak.

The Oracle Card Decks that I will use:

> Work Your Light > Rebecca Campbell

> Love Cards > Inner Compass.

You can choose which card deck you prefer or if you would like me to choose, I'm happy to match the right card deck with what you need most.

How this works:

Send me a message with the letter of your choice (see below: A, B, C or D) and I will come back to you. We can have a little chat about why you would like the reading and choose the right card deck for you. We can do this by chat , voice messages or an old fashion phone call; it's up to you.

I will then take a moment for myself, do a little meditation/ceremony and pick the card(s) for you. Afterwards I will put everything together in a PDF; card(s), explanation and a personal message from me to you with some extra guidance, insights and maybe even some 'homework'. As soon as I have this ready I will send the PDF to you, where you can read it in your own time and as may times as you like.

You can choose from:

A > € Donation Basis > 1 Card Reading: general message or 1 question.

B > € 11,11 > 2 Card Reading: what you have + what you need to know/do. 

C > € 15,15 > 3 Card Reading: past, present, future.

D > € 33,33 > 1 Card Reading every day for 7 days.

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