The Breakaway Movement (BAM)

One of the most important things to know, is that you are not alone in this! The beautiful thing about this business, is that there is a huge team to support you, including me. The Breakaway Movement (BAM) is a platform that is set up, to guide you and help you whenever and for whatever. Everyone in the BAM community is super inspiring and motivated. Everyone is sharing and we’re all like-minded people who want the same thing. BAM is such a welcoming community that you will most definately end up meeting friends with similar interests, like: spirituality, veganism, (holistic) health, yoga, surfing, traveling etc. It is just so amazing!


On the BAM platform there are lots of free courses for you to do, to help you set up and successfully run your business. There are weekly mastermind calls and you will always learn from the best. There are also several Facebook groups to ask questions and you can always count on support. This is not all, you will also get a personal BAM mentor, to help you with everything.

What can you expect from me?

The best part is that the person you choose to purchase a machine from, becomes your mentor (a second mentor!). Having a mentor is SO beneficial to you and your life-long business growth. You are not alone in this!


I’m planning on building a very close team, where we are not only colleagues, but above all, friends! Transparency, honesty and LOVE are most important to me. I will schedule calls, meet ups, activities and I want to really do something extra for you.


If you feel like this aligns with you and you want to be a part of this, please send me a message, because I would love to welcome you in my growing team!


If you are willing to put in the effort, then I’m 100% committed to invest my time and help you make this your full-time income, to support yourself & your family.