The last course of the 4; a magical one! After you’ve created a strong foundation for yourself, feel more self-love and now that you know how to look after your body the best way possible thanks to the previous 3 Light&Love Courses, you can put that all together and connect to the spiritual being that you are. I will teach you about the present moment (the NOW), how to use the law of attraction to create exactly the life that you want and how to communicate and stay connected to the universe. You will learn about your birth chart, how to live closer to the cycles of nature (moon) and to really tune into the magic. It is such an exciting course. A New Earth is being created through all the beautiful souls that we are. You are a part of this; you are the past, present and future. YOU WILL LEARN: -How to live more in the Now. -About vibration and the Law of Attraction. -How to communicate with the Universe. -About your birth chart. -To see a bright new future. -Much more! 7 Modules. Full Workbook. Guided Meditation. Journaling Challenge. In your own time (average of 3-4 weeks). M1 - Time. M2 - Energy. 
M3 - Manifesting. M4 - Universe. M5 - Astrology. 
M6 - Spiritual Kit. 
M7 - New Earth.




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