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Hello lovely,


Since forever I wanted to be free! I wanted to get a big car, put a mattress in the back and drive around. See the world! I didn’t want to work for someone else and feel stuck in a job. This resulted in me getting a van. I converted it exactly the way I wanted and now I can live anywhere I want to. I also started my own business, by helping others and with the money I earn, I am building a New Earth.


There are so many changes going on in the world and this is why I decided to move to Portugal and start an Off Grid community: Back to basic, back to nature and back to yourself! The only way to make the world a better place is by spreading light and love. This is why I wrote my 'Light & Love Courses'. It is time for you to believe in your own power and acknowledge your inner magic. We can build the New Earth together. Who is with me?


If freedom is something you value a lot as well, don’t hesitate to ask me everything about it!


Sending you lot of love and abundance,




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