Hello you,


Since forever I wanted to be free! I wanted to get a big car, put a mattress in the back and drive around. See the world! I didn’t want to work for someone else and feel stuck in a job. This resulted in me getting a van. I converted it exactly the way I wanted and now I’m ready to travel the world.


There was always one thing that gave me some stress. How will I earn money?! I’m a nutritionist and I made a plan to set something up, to keep me on the road (I will still do this one day). It did make me wonder if I would earn enough though and I always felt that there was a better solution. This is when the Breakaway Movement presented itself to me and I just knew, straight away, that this was it! I’m 31 and soon I will travel the world, fulltime, forever..


If freedom is something you value a lot as well, don’t hesitate to ask me everything about it! 


Sending you lot of love and abundance,

XX Lisa

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